Lives and works in Houston


1994 University of Houston, graduate studies in painting
1991 University of North Texas, Denton, BFA, Painting and Drawing

Solo Exhibitions

2006 Arthouse presents...Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher: Airplane, Arthouse, Austin, TX
2005 Live Feed and New Works, QED, Los Angeles, CA
Live Feed, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
2004 Live Feed (with Jon Fisher), Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX.
Talking Head (with Jon Fisher), Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX.
Live Feed (with Jon Fisher), The Gallery at UTA, the University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX
2003 Live Feed (with Jon Fisher), Mixture Contemporary Arts, Houston.
2002 Moving in Stereo (with Jon Fisher), Site Unseen, Houston.
Closed Circuit (with Jon Fisher), Sala Diaz, Sa Antonio, and Site Unseen, Houston, Texas.
2001 What Comes Around Goes Around (with Jon Fisher), Galveston Arts Center. Galveston, TX.
Jeff Shore: Ride Like the Wind (with Jon Fisher), Deadtech, Chicago.
2000 Jeff Shore: Ride Like the Wind (with Jon Fisher), Rudolph Projects, New York. Now on View, Rudolph Poissant Gallery, Houston.
1999 Jeff Shore: Sightings, Rudolph Poissant Gallery, Houston.
A Room Within a View, Small Projects Gallery, University of Houston.
A Room with a View, Lawndale Art Center, Houston. Brochure.


2006 Matter of Time, Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York, NY
2005 Group Show, QED, Los Angeles
2004 Angstrom Horseplay Glowrug, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX
Suitcase Series #4 : Houston, The Lab Gallery, Roger Smith Hotel, New York.
Constructions & Architecture, The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas.
Selective Memory, The Bower, San Antonio,TX. Brochure.
Texas Prime, DiverseWorks, Houston. Brochure.
Preparatory Works, The Jung Center, Houston. Traveled to Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX.
Switched On, Klein Artworks, Chicago.
2003 16th annual Dia de los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston Lighten Up,Gallery 312, Chicago.
The Stray Show, presented by Mixture Contemporary Art, Chicago.
“New Art Dealers’ Assosiation Fair”, presented by Mixture Contemporary Art, Miaimi, Florida
“Scope LA”, presented by Mixture Contemporary Art, The Standard Hotel, Los Angeles.
2002 ArtWork IV, G2 Gallery, Chicago.
M & M (Maps & Matrices), MKG Art Management, Houston.
Petcentric, Lawndale Art Center, Houston.
2001 New Orleans Triennial, New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana. Catalogue.
2000 Site/Work/S, Eldorado Ballroom, Project RowHouses, Houston.
Sculpture on the Green: Brave New Works, Omni Hotel, Houston.
frame, Lawndale Art Center, Houston.
1999 12th Annual Dia de Los Muertos , Lawndale Art Center, Houston.
Transcending Limits: Moving Beyond Mainstream and Margin, organized by Texas Fine ArtsAssociation. Traveled to Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio;
The Jones Center for Contemporary Art, Austin; The Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas. Catalogue.
Eye Spy, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Catalogue.
Suburban Sublime, The Art League of Houston. Brochure.
Hot Spots: Los Angeles*Houston* Miami, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Traveled to Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Brochure.
1998 11th Annual Dia de Los Muertos , Lawndale Art Center, Houston.
How's My Driving?, a mobile exhibition held in conjunction with FotoFest '98. 1997 10th Annual Dia de Los Muertos, Lawndale Art Center, Houston.
Artist Board Chooses, DiverseWorks, Houston.
1996 The Blues & the Abstract Truth, Project Row Houses, Houston.
Third Annual Open Show, The Art League of Houston.
Works on Paper '96, Art Department, San Jacinto College South, Houston.
Houston Area Exhibition, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston. Catalogue.
Dishman Competition, Dishman Art Gallery, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. Brochure.
1995 The Street Art Show, Commerce Street Artist Warehouse, Houston.
The Big Show, Lawndale Art and Performanc Center, Houston. Brochure.
1994 The Little Big Show, Small Projects Gallery, University of Houston.
Texas Art Celebration '94, 1600 Smith in Cullen Center, Houston, organized by the Assistance League of Houston. Brochure.
1991 15th Annual Union Student Art Competition, University Union, University of North Texas,Denton.
The Voertman Annual Student Competition, University of North Texas Art Gallery, Denton.
1990 14th Annual Union Student Art Competition,University Union, University of North Texas,Denton.
1989 13th Annual Union Student Art Competition.University Union, University of North Texas,Denton.
The Voertman Annual Student Competition, University of North Texas Art Gallery, Denton.


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